5 HubSpot Reports Every Marketer Needs on Their Dashboard

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The HubSpot Reporting Tool can turn any marketing specialist into a revenue wizard. 

Obviously you know that what gets measured, gets improved. So measuring your marketing and sales efforts is critical to your business. It's also critical to showing the value marketing brings to the company.

So... do you know how to tap into the vast wealth of reports in HubSpot? Do you know where to start? With so many reports available, picking a starting point can seem daunting.

Top Landing Pages by New Contacts

This report shows the top landing pages by number of new contacts created. It even figures out the view-to-contact rate.

Why is this important? If your goal is more customers, then you probably start with more leads. Landing pages are still a valuable tool in the marketing toolbox. And knowing which landing pages perform the best can help you understand your buyer personas better, as well as plan campaigns around either popular offers, or not-so-popular pages to increase conversions. 

Abandoned Cart Recovery

If you have an ecommerce shop, you will at some point in time be dealing with customers who have abandoned their shopping carts.

The HubSpot Abandoned Cart Recovery Report helps you see how many of those abandoned carts have been recovered.

When you know how your cart is performing, you can then put in place an abandoned cart workflow that send automated emails that help contacts re-engage with products and services they can purchase from your store. It's a great sales and marketing strategy for anyone conducting commerce online.

You can filter this report by time and then use the data you find to understand how well your abandoned cart campaigns are working.

Want to dive deeper? Watch this SprocketTalk: 

Closed-Loop Revenue Reporting for HubSpot Abandoned Cart Emails

Lifetime Order Value by Source

When you need help understanding where you should focus your sales and marketing powers, the HubSpot Lifetime Order Value by Source report might be what you are looking for.

With this HubSpot report, your team can view how much revenue each source has generated for your company over a customizable time frame.

Website Pages Performance

Want to know how many views your total site has, the number of CTA clicks, average exits per pageview, your bounce rate and more? It's all in this HubSpot report.

The Website Page Performance report shows a quick snapshot of the most important performance data from HubSpot-hosted website pages.  Let the boss know what's working and what isn't... and create more pages that mirror the high performing website pages. You might also find pages like services pages with CTAs perform really well - what other services can you focus on for your viewers? 

Blog Posts Performance

With this report you can get a quick snapshot of the most important performance data from HubSpot-hosted blog posts.

See how many views your blog gets, the CTA views and conversion rate, the entrances your blog is responsible for, average time per pageview and more.

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