And The Best Client Smart Content Award Goes to… Impulse Creative!

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Impulse Creative was honored at the recent INBOUND conference in Boston with a brand new award to bring home, courtesy of HubSpot. The HubSpot Impact Awards are given to Partners who excel for their clients in the areas of design, marketing, and development. And since Impulse Creative strives every day to be remarkable, our results were recognized as being the best in the industry. Way to go, Team Impulse!

Impulse Creative earned the Best Client Smart Content award- the first of it’s kind. Since the concept of Smart Content was introduced by HubSpot last year, Impulse Creative has been the leading the field in making it work for our clients. That’s right, the idea of Smart Content was only introduced last year and our Inbound Marketers are already mastering it! In order for you to be as excited as we are, let’s break down what Smart Content is, and how it can useful for you:

What Smart Content Is

Smart Content is a way to personalize your marketing message depending on who is reading your content. By using Smart Content, Impulse Creative can help you deliver content specifically tailored to a brand-new visitor to your site, or where a prospect is in the buying process if they’ve already given you information about himself. It lets you target content based on anything you know about your contacts, for the ultimate in relationship-driven marketing.

How it Works

Luckily for us, HubSpot makes this very easy to implement. It begins by building out Smart Lists to recognize a person’s is location, their job title, or even where they are in the buyer’s journey. By creating Smart Lists that recognize your different lifecycle stages, you can customize the content that people in each lifecycle stage will see. The Smart Content tool then alters the content displayed within rich-text, HTML, or form modules depending on viewer characteristics.

How it Can be Used

Smart Content is used to make a personal connection to those visiting your website or reading your emails. This can be something like “Welcome back, Logan!” or “Contact us today to find out how much money our new phone service could be saving Westley Industries.” This little piece of personalization token makes a huge impact, to the tune of a 42% increase in performance.

You’ve heard it from us, now let’s hear it from HubSpot’s Vice President of Sales, Peter Caputa:

"Impulse Creative integrates inbound into every aspect of their business, marketing, and mission, and the Best Client Smart Content is a true testament to their success. Since day one as a HubSpot Partner, their agency has been creating valuable, seamless interactions for their leads, prospects, and customers. Agencies everywhere can learn from their innovative tactics and impressive growth."

Thanks, Peter! Relationship-driven marketing is the way to build your business like you never thought possible. If you’re interested in how Impulse Creative can put our award-winning Smart Content to work for you, contact us today or download our free eBook The Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Marketing to understand the basics.

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