Appy Valentines Day: Mobile Apps We Love

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Here at Impulse Creative, we’ve got our mind on mobile apps and several in development for clients. With a team all over the country and a business that never seems to sleep, apps connect us to our work, each other and everything else.

So today we’re professing our love for the apps that #teamorange can’t live without.

Remington, the Boss


Slack is a great messaging tool that allow for you to have direct message type chat with various teams, communities, or organizations. It gives unfiltered access to people you want in your circle without being forgotten by the ‘algorithm’


Pocket allows for me to browse articles that I am interested in and save them for later if I don’t have time to read them.

Rachel, the Real Boss


I love Instagram because I love seeing and posting pictures about everyday life. Being able to scroll through my friends posts with their families (or better yet, food) and how their kids are growing always makes my heart happy. Also, scrolling through my old posts to see how my own family has grown always makes me smile!

Audrey, Project Manager


I love my FitBit app! I look at it way too often. It does everything from counting my steps, calories, active minutes, water intake, heart rate and even monitors my sleep. The sleep feature is my favorite, after the app analyzes your sleep you see on a dashboard your total sleep divided by awake minutes, REM cycle, light, and deep sleep. It’s interesting to see my sleep patterns. My family and coworkers also do challenges to see who can get the most steps during the week or during the weekend. It’s a fun, healthy challenge that keeps me moving!

Ryan, Inbound Marketer


Changes in the marketing world move at light speed! It's nearly impossible to keep up on the all changes and make sure I get all my inbound client work done. Feedly lets me browse the newest blogs of my favorite news and marketing sites so I'm able to take advantage of the newest changes and implement them for clients.


This photo editing app is the best I've seen, and trust me, I've tried a ton. The makers constantly add new features, the user experience is fantastic and easily lets you navigate between all the tools. I use nothing else. Photoshop app, eat your heart out.

Jeffrey, Graphic Designer


I’ve been using an app called Dribbble a lot lately. At first Dribbble was just a website but they have since added an app to round out the experience. Dribbble is a social network for designers - graphic, web, logo - of all types. It’s a place to share work, get instant feedback, and connect with other designers. The app has made this experience mobile. Dribbble is a great way to connect with a close knit community of like-minded creatives.

Courtney, Inbound Marketer

Uber Eats

A mobile app that I'm currently loving is Uber Eats. This app is extremely convenient when I'm feeling extra lazy and hungry. There's nothing better than laying on my couch, Netflix binging, and having someone knock on the door with take out from my favorite restaurant. I downloaded Uber Eats about 3 weeks ago and have already used it more times than I'm willing to admit.

Jackie, Business Development

Kindle and Audible

My current favorite apps are a tie between my kindle app and audible.  I LOVE to read, but with a fast paced and exciting full time job (and a even more fast paced toddler at home) I really only get time to read during bedtimes or nap time! These apps make that super easy for me to get in fix in and work for my crazy schedule.

Noel, Video Marketer

What’s App

Love my whats app. Texting and chatting with friends around the world couldn't be any easier, and it's FREE! Can't beat that with a stick.....well you could, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Jonathan, Inbound Marketer

HQ Trivia

HQ trivia, the revolutionary live trivia app is taking the world by storm. Many come for the daily giveaways up to $15,000, however they stay for the fun presenters or interesting questions. In a world where your time is at a premium, making it 12 questions long and most times no longer than 10-15 minutes (if you watch to the end) is a bit of an annoyance as you can’t do it when it is most convenient. However, the live questions and results adds a new layer of entertainment making the experience worth while.

Russell, Developer


This is a great app for personal investing and has zero ETF fees. I use it for stocks, securities and cryptocurrency. It’s easy to use and with zero fees for transactions, it’s great for early investors wanting to learn more.

Deven, Developer


Twitch is probably one of my favorite apps. It’s a streaming service completely dedicated to the gaming community and a great way to take a break.

Danielle, Content Marketer


I won’t even pretend to be an early adopter of the newest, coolest mobile apps. So my friends and coworkers are consistently surprised when I’m not already using apps as awesome as Venmo. This simple little app is the modern version of Paypal I’ve been waiting to see invented for years. On a recent trip to Impulse HQ, I was relying on my local coworkers for transportation all week. So, it was a real pain when I had to hit a specific bank’s ATM at the last minute. That’s when the ladies of Impulse Creative filled me in on Venmo. Within 2 minutes, I had put in my bank card info and exchanged a coworker’s cash for a quick fund transfer online. No fees, no fuss, no muss. As a cute bonus, when you sign up using your Facebook login, there’s a social feed that shows who your friends are paying and for what. It’s not interactive, but it did give me fantastic ideas on how to use Venmo in the future, from splitting dinner or concert tickets to helping my musician husband pay his fellow band members after a gig.

Ovia Pregnancy

I am SO glad to be having our first baby in the modern age of apps. Ovia Pregnancy is one of the most comprehensive apps I’ve ever used for anything. In a time of uncertainty, excitement and wanting to learn everything I can, it’s so comforting to have a single source for: new info, baby related notes, birth plans, weight tracking, symptom checking, fun weekly size updates, belly photos, doctor appointments, a pregnancy calendar, articles and videos, counting kicks, counting contractions, comprehensive weekly information about the baby and my health, plus so much more. With all of those features and a news feed featuring 3 unique daily info tidbits, it’s an app I rely on for a hundred reasons, all day long.

What apps have your heart skipping a beat this Valentines Day? Let us know!

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