Best Gifts to Give an Inbound Marketer

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Best Gifts to Give an Inbound MarketerWhen considering ideas for that hard-to-buy-for advertising guru this year, you might need a little help finding something that will show him or her how much you care. Check out some of the best gifts to give an inbound marketer and blow them away with your thoughtfulness and consideration.

1. Solar Powered Laptop Charger.

If your favorite marketing expert spends a lot of time unplugged while working, he or she can really use a way to charge without a cord. They’re constantly online, which means getting outside for some sun is always a nice reprieve from the stagnancy of the office. Sierra Solar has developed a laptop charger that uses the sun’s rays that will keep them powered up and ready to go. 

2. Bluetooth Enabled Virtual Keyboard.

One of the best gifts to give an inbound marketer is one that enhances the technology they already own. Since many of these pros are on the go, they rely on tablets, computers and smart-phones to get their job done. With the tiny keyboards on these devices, typing is difficult and time-consuming. Epic has developed a virtual keyboard that makes the task easy, without the need to drag along a full sized keyboard. The apparatus is the size of a typical USB drive, and doubles as a mouse.

3. Learn Advertising & Marketing App.

If you have an aspiring inbound marketer, they’ll need to learn the trade and have the basics handy at all times. Learn Advertising & Marketing is an app for Androids that includes articles for beginners, as well as useful information for marketing professionals that could use a recap of the fundamentals. It also features live help for on-the-go inquiries and advice, as well as marketing guides, tutorials and references to sites for tracking website metrics.

4. Evernote.

Not just for inbound marketers, Evernote is an app dedicated to keeping users organized both off and online. Brainstorming is key to inbound marketing, and the pros need to be ready to jot down some notes when ideas hit them. They also need to keep track of all memos related to a project, store their information in one place, and share inspiration with other colleagues. Evernote can perform all these tasks and more, with both mobile and desktop versions.

5. Hootsuite.

An absolute must for internet marketers, Hootsuite is an app that manages all aspects of social media presence and activity. From a central dashboard, users can assess the success of a campaign, and post updates to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and all the other social media giants. They can also monitor comments, and utilize tools to follow other users on all sites in one place.

6. Hubspot's Inbound Marketing Conference

An absolute essential gift for an inbound marketer is a ticket to Hubspot's Inbound Marketing conference in Boston, Massachusetts. This is the world's biggest gathering of inbound marketers and they have tons of classes that you are able to attend to fill your head with endless Inbound knowledge. "INBOUND provides attendees with the inspiration, education, and connections needed to transform their businesses to match the way purchasing behaviors are evolving in a connected and digital world. Through keynotes, innovative talks, educational breakouts, success stories, hands-on lessons, and tons of networking, the content at INBOUND is best described as simply, remarkable." - Not to mention that you will be able to meet the whole Impulse Creative Team there!  #Inbound14  Sep. 15 - 18, 2014

7. Touch Screen Gloves

If you don't live in sunny Florida like Impulse Creative does, your inbound marketer will probably need some touch screen gloves so they don't get frostbite while trying to use their smart phone. These innovative touchscreen gloves by Agloves will keep their digits warm while they continue to amaze the world with the knowledge that they gained from attending INBOUND.

You don’t have to panic when shopping for your favorite online advertising professional, as the best gifts to give an inbound marketer are affordable for you and functional for them. With any of these ideas, you’ll impress the recipient with your Internet marketing savvy and technological know-how. Best of all, you’ll show them that you really understand their profession.

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