SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT JUST FOR KIDS | But don't forget other methods!

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Social media sites have a tremendous appeal to teenagers and young adults but what about the older crowd? In 2005, about 5% of U.S. adults were using social media. Last year, that number exploded to 61% and this year, 65%. The largest segment of recent growth is senior citizens. 30% of adults ages 65 and older say they now use social-networking sites.

Many small businesses attempt to attract customers on “free” social media sites but find it costly in terms of time. If you want to see results from a social media campaign, you must have a strategy and goals that will help you measure your return on that investment of time. If you’d like our advice on social media marketing, give us a call 888-831-0483.

Yes, social media is HOT but email marketing is too! Our New Email Marketing Service is a fantastic way to reach out to your customers and nurture your leads. Call Us if you’d like more information on how email marketing can help your business.

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