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How AND Why to use Twitter for Business.

by Remington Begg | June 19, 2011 at 5:59 AM

The Big Question we hear is "How can Twitter help my Business?"

When we come across new clients (and some existing) the idea of twitter is kind of scary or uncomfortable for them, others don't see the value that Twitter has when your business comes to mind.

Twitter (and other social media platforms) offer the opportunity for you (and your business) to be on an even playing field. Larger companies such as Best Buy (@twelpforce ) & JetBlue (@jetblue) are utilizing twitter to monitor their brand and to assist with support.

One of the most valuable assets that we see as a marketing company when using Twitter is the ability to search tweets.

For Example: lets say someone posts on Twitter that their "Pool is Green" A Pool Company could be routinely searching these posts and responding with suggestions or links to their blog posts. This would be a great way to "step up" as a resource and help spread awareness about their brand.

Here's some tips to help you get started with using twitter for your company:
  • Trust your employees, but give them a mission, structure and boundaries.
  • Find something that only your company can provide customers, then give it away...yes, for free. It's the only way you'll find yourself invited into a conversation.
  • Be a good listener, but do something with that information.
  • People trust other people over "a brand". Be human.
  • Make your resources easy to find, and interact with: Which could mean actually staffing your twitter feed, and not just "checking the box off the list" and never paying it any more attention
We'll go more into these in future blog posts, but in the meantime, if you have a question, ask them in the comments or ask me on twitter @remingtonbegg or @impulsecreative and we'll help you out!