The Myans were Wrong! 3 SMART Marketing Tips to Make 2013 Your Year!

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244689 l resized 600 Sure, Some of us were worried about the Myans being correct. So Far (as of 4:39 est) The world hasn't ended. So With that Here's 3 Important things to think about to make 2013 the Best Year Yet! Just Incase you were thinking about holding back on marketing your business incase the world was going to end.

Now you need to think about how to make 2013 the most prosperous year yet. Maybe it's some new staff, or possibly featuring a new product. Or Just Maybe, it's thinking about how to get more or your prospective customers attention.

Marketing has made a major shift over the past few years. We have found numerous ways to block out advertisements. Society has more ways than ever to block advertisements, from iPods, XM Satalite Radio, to DVR and On-Demand TV.

I have 1 question for you? Where's your phone book? You Know, the Yellow Pages? If it's not holding up your desk, odds are it never made it inside your home or business last year. Marketing Has Fundamentally Changed, yet companies are still struggling to market the same way they always have in the past. Sure They have a website, but how much thought went into it, does it display the same information as their brochure. That brings us to #1

Tip #1: Turn your website into your Marketing Hub:

You're in business for a reason. And it's more than just to make money (hopefully). Your website now has the opportunity to represent your company, and the culture of your brand. Turn your website into a "HUB" of information to attract your prospective customers who are interested. Make your website Optimized for Search Engines, Provide Helpful Content, and Have Adequate Calls to Action to convert your visitors into leads.

Tip #2: Thank Your Customers:

Sure You Thank your customers when they hire you. But do you send them a Thank You Card (in the mail!)? There's a great service Called SendoutCards. The Same Ease-Of-Use as sending an online greeting card. But it's sent in the mail. Send 3-5 Thank you cards per week and see what happens. Remember to include your logo on the thank you cards. You could even send birthday or anniversary cards and be a real rock star! Your Clients will Love you!

Tip #3: Use A CRM

What is a CRM? Customer Relationship Management System. Start keeping up with prospects, customers, and contacts. Many CRM systems allow you to customize the experience so that you can make it fit your business. Keep Track of Leads, Customers, and know who brought in the customer (if your in a sales type of business). Our choice? We Use Nutshell CRM ( Nutshell CRM allows us to keep track of leads, companies, & contacts, keeping notes, scheduling activities, and always knowing when our contacts were last touched.

But Other Popular CRM Options are Highrise (, Salesforce (


370383 100001373553953 1878448838 nRemington is the Lead Designer and Marketing Strategist for Impulse Creative, An Internet Marketing Agency in Fort Myers, Florida. You can connect with him using the following social networks: Google+, Twitter, Linked In & Facebook

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