Outbound and Inbound Marketing Should Be Friends.

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medium 5383540942 resized 600There's a lot of data that talks about Inbound Marketing being more efficient, trackable, and generating More leads that cost less, than traditional (outbound) Marketing Techniques. While we have to agree with the whole "Inbound Marketing Methodology" being more efficient, In many businesses, outbound marketing techniques such as Tradeshows, Direct Mail, Radio, Newspaper ads etc do work (if done right), and it would be tough to sway the stubborn "traditional" marketer to completely jump ship.

In 2013, at Impulse Creative, we see the dramatic shift continuing where consumers are going to continue to become SMARTER, more INFORMED and looking online BEFORE a purchase. But is there still a place for Outbound Techniques?

We Say Yes

If marketers begin using inbound marketing methodology including correct use of CTA's (call to action), informative eBook Downloads, or providing helpful information to help drive qualified traffic to their website, which will result in leads. The visitors that come to your website have a very similar split regarding each part of the Inbound Marketing Funnel. By providing helpful information on their outbound marketing methods, they will see the results of those outbound advertising techniques increase.

The breakdown of the audience (if its a qualified outbound method) is going to be very similar to the ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu breakdown. While the percentage breakdowns will most definitely shift it can be another great way to generate qualified traffic to your website and increase the number of qualified leads as a result.

Here's 2 Examples:

Example 1: While at a Tradeshow, instead having collateral material that just pushes for the hard sell or talks about your product or service, understand the audience, or buyer personas. Odds are that the prospects are there to find new product ideas, or solutions to their problems (Almost sounds like a "real life" google search huh?). Rather than trying to close them right at your booth, think about finding ways to get their contact information that will allow for you to automate your followup and nurture them down your marketing funnel.

Example 2: Newspaper Advertisement: While the costs of advertising are substansially higher (compared to inbound), having a newspaper or magazine article that simply mentions your company name and "what you do" on it will help with "branding". But it will only really appeal to the BoFu people interested in buying "now". If you cater your add to a broader audience such as a more Top of the Funnel Approach your reponses to the ad will be much higher!

So we advocate to let inbound marketing & outbound marketing be friends!

What do you think? Do you think that using an Inbound Marketing Methodology on your Outbound Marketing Methods will help increase lead generation?


370383 100001373553953 1878448838 nRemington is the Lead Designer and Marketing Strategist for Impulse Creative, An Internet Marketing Agency in Fort Myers, Florida. You can connect with him using the following social networks: Google+, Twitter, Linked In & Facebook


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