An Easier Web Design Process in 4 Steps

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Sunhappy person computer resized 600ave yourself from a daunting relationship with your next website designer and stick to these tips. Having a great business website is more important than ever, and thus choosing your website designer is an important decision.

1. Fundamental Understanding of a Successful Web Design: Blindly going into a project and believing anything you hear from a web designer can be dangerous. It's important for you to have a fundamental understanding of the website development process. Not just thinking of it as a website design, but the foundation of your internet marketing. Here's a few things to think about when brainstorming your website:

  • Your website is no longer just a brochure
  • Your website should represent your business's goals
  • Your website should be easy to navigate
  • Your website should speak to your best customers

Want to know more about Internet Marketing? Download our Free Ebook to start researching things you need to think about.

2. Choosing the Right Internet Marketing Firm: Just like any other business, not all web designers are created equal. Here's a few things to keep in mind when choosing a web designer.

  • How did you hear about your web designer?
  • Where to they rank in a Google search for their own business?
  • Do they ask about your goals prior to providing a quote?
  • Will you own the website once it's completed?
  • What is the website designer's track record?
  • Do they have a portfolio?
  • Do they leverage Inbound Marketing?
  • Do they have set website development schedules & phases that are easy to understand?
Over recent years, company websites became more important than ever. It is no longer an option to have a website, it's the most important part of your marketing and can be a measurable foundation to leverage all of your marketing activities for your business.

3. Be Sure to Say What You WANT Upfront: This may sound like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many clients we come across who say they "don't care" but then during the proofing stage expect numerous changes. Think of it like this: Imagine telling a painter to paint your house, but don't tell him what color you want. What are the odds that you are getting the exact colors you want for each room? With proper planning, your website design process is set-up for success. Just like any relationship, you need to make sure you communicate and discuss goals early in the process.

4. There's No U in Team: It's easy for many business owners to "pass the buck" to the web designer upon signing the contract. While this is great if you have a savvy Internet marketing company to keep everything on schedule (like Impulse Creative :-D), we hear all the time that they previous web designer is/was dropping the ball. With further investigation it typically comes down to the business owner being "too busy" to provide insight, content, or opinions. The decision maker at your company needs to participate in the discussion for the direction of the web design. Remember that the web design process is a collaborative process that involves all parties (both the client & the web designer) to be successful.

Regardless of what company or person you choose for your website, make sure that you think of the concepts above. Looking for a little more information on the process. Feel free to contact us for a Free 30 minute consultation or Download our Free eBook on the 5 steps to a Successful Website Design

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