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We have this saying in our agency, “Impact With Every Interaction.”

Pretty powerful isn’t it?

When your job is implementing inbound strategies, communicating with clients, and driving results for multiple accounts, there can be a tendency to get things done quickly. It can feel like there’s a carrot dangling in front of you but you can never quite grab it.

When you do things quickly, or efficiently I like to say, you can forget to reinforce the value of your work. But you’re delivering content, posting social media, creating is it possible they don’t feel value?

It’s easy for the marketer to feel value. You see the funnel working. The Emails. The Blogs. The endless social media posts. They drive results. They are value.

But to a client, especially one that has been with you for a while, it can feel like things are on cruise control. Just another month of blogs to approve, more reports to read. They need more.

When you onboarded a client, everything is fresh. They are excited, they see visually saw the Inbound Marketing Funnel and how all the moving parts were going to help their business. Fast forward 6 months and that excitement can wear off and even turning bothersome with constant blog approvals and reports.

That’s not a good place to be!

Make it a priority to bring that value with each interaction you make with the client. Don’t just send them a monthly report with numbers and graphs. Send them a visualization of how your deliverables fit in their funnel strategy so they can see how things fit together. This gives all the blogs, emails, and social posts context to the overall strategy. This will reinforce the value you give every day.

While showing them visually how everything fits together, it’s not enough. You now need to add the human touch. Be engaging and ask questions. How is business going? Do you see any trends in the market? How can we better help you? What did you think of that game last night?

The goal is to be more than just words in an email. Be visual and do it with frequency. Be a person that cares about them and about their business. Give them value and insight. Give them impact with every interaction.

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