Growing at a Growth Agency

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Royals baseball cap on backwards, grungy boat shoes on my feet, beach bar t-shirt on and a two day’s worth of stubble on my face. Some might think this is the image of a 30 something trying to hold on to his youth or a guy who just doesn’t care. Both are far from the truth.

This is the image of a guy who is highly confident in his craft...which wasn’t always the case.

I’ve just passed the one year plateau at Impulse Creative and the future looks bright. With a half dozen clients under my control, things are running smoothly. I remember a time in the beginning when I had two clients and thought I was falling apart. What changed?


I’ve been doing inbound marketing for years. Building websites, writing content, selling products--but it was always just for myself or the company I was working for. So the experience was there, just not in an agency setting. Impulse Creative is that setting now and this marketing “Growth” agency has helped me grow and organize like I didn’t think possible.

Foundation and Processes

Our team is made up of some very talented individuals. Amazing content writers, wizard developers, focused marketers, and ownership that cares about the team environment just as much as the clients.

It’s always good to have a great team on the bus, but if you don’t have the processes down with everyone buying in, then you don’t know which way to drive the bus. In my eyes, the Impulse bus is pointed in the right direction and I’m happy to be onboard.

These processes are our secret sauce, they are what make our team special. They involve things like:

  • Discovery Meetings
  • Buyer Personal Interviews and Surveys
  • Growth Strategy Planning
  • Targeted Content Creation
  • Websites Designed for the Customer

These are just a small sampling of our client growth process. I obviously can’t give all of them to you, then the secret sauce recipe would be open to all. Can’t have that now can we?

If you really want to know all the processes that make Impulse Creative a powerhouse marketing agency, then become a client or join the team!

We communicate open and freely with our clients and team members. We walk clients through the processes and learn from their industry expertise at the same time. The same thing goes for our team members, we make sure everyone is on the same page and is educated on our special formula of helping the clients grow. A collaborative unit of people, with growth as the goal.

Just like me and this team!

One year down, many more to go.

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