How to Hire the Best Talent in Your Industry

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Does your company's leadership wish they could hand-pick the best talent in your industry?

What if talented people knocked on your door, asking for time with you and an opportunity to work with your team?

How would it look for your business if your team operated like well-trained pilots all flying together?

That's the beauty of culture. When a company's culture attracts and keeps top talent, it's poised for growth. 

Impulse Creative recently reaped the rewards of culture work. 

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Over the years, Co-founders Rachel and Remington Begg have focused on hiring for culture fit, living the Impulse core values and moving forward with the evolution of work in the 21st century. 

For instance, Impulse Creative is a hybrid team of virtual and on-location employees. We aren't limited by geographical barriers. Instead, we can hire the best person for the job wherever they are; moving expenses and timelines no longer hold anyone back.

In the transition to a distributed team, leadership focused on solutions for issues others have faced. We use tools like video chat instead of regular phones (it connects us more deeply), instant messaging apps like Slack, project management tools like Asana and other ways to support a virtual team. 

You can learn more about maintaining a healthy culture with a hybrid team on the Wayfinding Growth podcast episode here.

"We're tuned into passion," Remington says. "The value Impulse Creative gives, and the relationships we have, bring talent to our door. It's a great position to be in as this Relationship Economy grows."

This effort to grow with purpose in the 21st century has led to growth in the third and fourth quarters of 2019. The most recent hire, Josh Ames, joins the Impulse team as a former agency owner and long-time HubSpot power user. 

JoshAmes ran his own Platinum HubSpot Partner Agency for 6 years. He's excited to bring both his technical and business experience to Impulse Creative. As Marketing Technologist, his role is to help clients assure that technology is being used in the most effective manner and that it offers a competitive growth advantage.

Essentially, he'll help brands pair the right solutions for their sustained growth much like a great chef can pair the right wine with the best steak. Josh will help clients pair different parts of the tech stack together.

“I’m thrilled to be working with the team at Impulse. I’ve gotten to know many inbound
marketing agencies and Impulse Creative is by far the leader in the space in terms of educating
customers on how to master HubSpot while also staying on the leading edge of new technology
like conversational marketing. I couldn’t be more happy about how we are going to be able to
help clients further leverage technology within their companies to gain a competitive advantage
in their markets.”

Read more about Josh Ames joining Impulse Creative here.

If you're looking to grow through the right hires and the best team in your industry, it starts with culture-focused growth like the right core values, the best technology and a self-awareness your competitors don't have. 

FINAL THOUGHT: Look for more news in the coming weeks. We're not done bragging on our talented team! 

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