How to Make Your Website Your Sales Team’s Biggest Tool

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If you are reading this, it’s because you have a website and you have a sales team, but they just aren’t working hand-in-hand. Or, you’re trying to increase your conversions and revenue.

If you don’t have a website,  start here. If you don’t have a sales team check this out. But, if you  have both, you’ve come to the right place! The best websites, as I have said before, work for you. Your sales teams WANT inbound leads and they want to talk with qualified buyers because it makes the sales cycle shorter. Closing more deals is fun for everyone.

Below, I have highlighted some key changes you can begin making to your website today to start cranking out more qualified leads for your sales team! Read on to become an SQL ninja.

Calls To Action

From the top: what is a call to action? Having killer keywords and SEO is all fine and dandy, but if there is no way for a lead to raise their hand and say they want to talk to your sales team, they will NEVER convert. A call to action will handle that for you.

There are many ways to sneak them into your website content. You  can offer them on your website’s header, but you will ultimately see better conversion rates if you have them on a product offering or blog page.

Why? Well, when a buyer is moving through their journey and they get to the stage where they need answers to questions because your content has them fully engaged and ready to pull the trigger, you do not want them to leave the page to look for your “contact us” button. Don’t miss these huge opportunities to convert leads faster! The psychology behind a great CTA can be confusing, but we break it down for you here.

Pillar Content

What the what? It's a new concept and stay with me here, it is a very large piece on content that takes up permanent landscape on your website. So, think of an ebook or whitepaper that you would normally offer as a piece of gated content (read more about that below), as a giant 10,000 word landing page! A pillar page becomes a center focus of your content and can lead potential buyers to other rad pages, moving them through your funnel to ultimately convert to a sales qualified lead at a higher rate.


But, why? Well, if you are looking for an seo boost and better qualified conversions for your sales team, this is the ticket. By utilizing pillar pages we have been able to grow awareness and convert at a rate of 14.29%. Just saying, our video marketing page is ranking at #3 on Google after just a couple of months and that’s a pillar page. Check it out here. Another awesome why:  MQL’s that move to SQL’s through a pillar page tend to be more qualified buyers for your sales team! Better leads mean a happy sales team and ecstatic clients! What more could you ask for?


Gated Content

This is probably the easiest way you can begin helping your sales team get better leads. Gated content like ebooks, trials, checklists, payment calculators, email subscriptions, blogs, research or industry knowledge, videos, podcasts events, etc. should not be given freely! Ask for contact information in return by using a CTA as discussed above. Then, begin email campaigns and workflows moving these prospects thru you sales funnel.


As far as a fair exchange of information in your gated content forms, don’t ask for everything up front! Think about your content and analyze where it is on the buyer's journey. Begin by asking for a name and email. Then for a middle of the funnel offer, get their organization’s name, website and title. Finally, get all the nitty gritty details about what they ultimately want and why they need help!  

By offering layers of content and asking for different information along the buyer's journey, you’re showing prospects that you are here to help by providing valuable information to them as an expert! So when they do get to that final stop on their journey and give you all the nitty gritty details on why they need your product or service, your sales team gets everything they need to make moving through your sales process quick, painless and fun for everyone. Imagine the word “fun” and sales process in the same sentence...yeah, I did that!


Now Go Make Your Sales Team Happy

So there you have it marketing mavens. By taking the time to do these 3 steps and integrate these practices into your already stellar website, you can affect conversion speeds and make your sales team jump for joy.

As our fearless leader at Impulse Creative always says, go forth and conquer!

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