How to Pump Up Your Twitter Engagement

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Twitter can be way more than a casual way to connect with people across the world and get up-to-the-minute updates on current events. If used properly, it can be extremely beneficial to your business. In order to know how well your efforts are doing, you need to be checking your Twitter Analytics, which is free with your Twitter profile.

If you’re checking your Twitter Analytics and not seeing the type of engagement you’d like, don’t worry! Here are a few things to help boost your impressions, mentions, and overall engagement rates:

#1: Follow Your Followers

When you receive a notification that someone started following you, do you just pat yourself on the back and click out? Instead, check out your new followers. View their bio to ensure they’re someone you want to follow and then follow them back. This will build up their engagement with your tweets as well as give you new people to explore.

#2: Thank Your Followers

Tweet “Thanks for following” with the handles of a few of your new followers. Try and make it seem genuine, not the same copy + paste message every day. Your followers love to get in front of more people and you doing this simple act of kindness gets them there. They’re likely to retweet your thanks so you get in front of their followers.

#3: Follow Influencers in Your Industry

If you only follow and interact with those you know personally on a face-to-face level, you’re really limiting your exposure. Instead, follow big influencers in your industry that have a lot of followers and tweet out great industry-related information. If they’re following rules #1 and #2 above, you will get followed by a big player in your field!

#4: Make a Twitter List

Twitter Lists can be very helpful for those using Twitter for business-related purposes. Make a Twitter List of those top industry people and others tweeting about your industry. Every day go to that list and see what they’re Tweeting about and RT any interesting news they may have. Keep this up and they may even follow and Tweet about you too.

#5: Tweak Your Description

With all of the new Twitter add-on tools many of them pull in your description of who you are so make sure it’s exactly what you’d want someone to know about you in the few characters they allow. If someone does see your tweet, but your description isn’t catching enough, they’ll move on and the engagement will stop there.

#6: Listen to Twitter’s Recommendations

Twitter actually makes finding new people to follow easy for you, especially those top influencers you’re looking for. Go there a few times a week and follow some interesting people Twitter is recommending and pretty soon you’ll have a good amount of interesting people in your feed.

#7: Tweet at the Right Times

If you’re tweeting fantastic tweets at the wrong times, they’ll be pushed out by newer messages before anyone even sees them. Luckily, you don’t have to guess. There’s plenty of applications that will help you tweet at the right time to boost your impressions.

#8: Use Photos

Photos typically get higher engagement rates than text-only tweets or tweets with links. According to Twitter, Photos average a 35% boost in Retweets so if you can use a photo, get one in there.

#9: Respond Quickly

If someone does engage with you, make sure you’re there to respond as well. People are more and more used to getting a quick answer on Twitter so make sure you’re monitoring and reacting to anyone who is talking about you.

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