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How to Turn Your Best Blogs Into Compounding Blogs

by Remington Begg | August 31, 2015 at 8:00 AM

At Impulse Creative, we get asked a lot how we are different. Why is our agency better than one that will churn out blogs, quickly and cheaply? After all, it’s just about getting new content onto the website often enough. You hit some keywords, post it live, and people will read it, right? No way! Blogging is a totally unique marketing medium, one that has data-backed metrics proving effective and ineffective ways to go about doing it. We take crafting our clients’ strategies and blogs very seriously, which is why we adhere to the expert tips and tools of the trade.

Recently, an article from HubSpot recommends that marketers focus on “compounding” blog posts , which are defined as posts whose traffic grows steadily over time. These posts are far more valuable than “decaying” posts, those that deliver a surge of traffic and then plummet downwards. While only one in ten posts are compounding posts, they account for 38% of total blog traffic across their sample of 15,000 websites. Clearly, creating compounding blog posts is the way to bring in the most traffic, steadily and for an extended period of time.

While there’s no guaranteed way of getting a compounding blog, there’s a number of ways to increase your chances. A few suggested offered up by HubSpot, which are backed by their study, includes:


  • Keep it Tactical - Most compounding posts are tactical in nature. They intend to help readers, typically by providing instructions.
  • Stay Broad - Narrowly focused posts rarely grow, so keep it broad and use everyday language throughout.


  • Use between six and 13 words - Anything more or anything less doesn’t attract enough readers.
  • Include the words How, Your, What, Best, Why, and/or Tip if possible - Resourceful topics needs a powerful title. If this is tripping you up in your blog writing, download our free eBook 300+ Ideas for Your Headline Swipe File.

Also Include:

  • Images - No one wants to open up a page and see nothing but black text looking back at them. Add some pictures!
  • Bullet Points - Allow people to skim your blog for relevant information. If your bullet points are answering their question, they will read the blog.
  • Links - This is part of a proper SEO strategy, so hopefully this is one you are already incorporating into your current posts. When explaining concepts, link to previous posts that give additional explanation to provide value for a reader who does not have significant background knowledge.
  • Enough Information - Don’t promise a reader an expert opinion on a topic they need to learn more about and then let them open up a blog post with 100 words. Conversely, they probably don’t want to read 2,000+ words either. Keep it somewhere in the middle, usually between 500 to 700 words- short enough to entice them and long enough to cover everything.

Let’s take a look at an example topic to see these tips in use. Remember, for every subject matter, there is a compound way to blog and a decaying way to blog.


Compound Blog Example

How Much a Your Engagement Ring Should Cost (Title has nine words, and includes How and Your)


What’s the new rule for engagement ring buying? It is entirely up to you and your fiancée. And while you may not want to tip off your beloved that you’re about to make the big purchase, it would be wise to feel out how much she expects you to spend ahead of time. If that amount is either much higher or lower than your expectations, now’s the time to discuss it - not later. Consider a few things before your purchase: (includes bullet points)

  • Choose Meaning Over Price-Tag
  • Don’t Buy One You Can’t Afford
  • Know The Type of Ring She Wants
  • Be Certain She will Say Yes

If you think you should spend as much as possible on an engagement ring and can afford a six-figure rock, go for it. Your Fiancee will be thrilled! If you think you should spend two months’ pay on a ring but you’re already drowning in credit card debt, you can’t afford it. Readjust your expectations or wait until you’ve improved your financial situation.

If you’re looking for the perfect ring, at a price you can afford, visit our spacious showroom in person. Our friendly staff are here to get you the perfect diamond engagement ring that will be cherished her entire life. If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for yet, download our free eBook The Beginner’s Guide to Diamond Buying and learn the basics.

(Includes a link to their showroom and a CTA at the bottom)


Decaying Blog Example

New 2015 Study Shows Men Spend Too Much on Engagement Rings: What You Can Do To Avoid Being One of Them ( Title has too many words and appears to be only relevant for a short time)

The answer depends entirely on your financial situation. Also, it’s NOT all about size. On average, a guy will spend about $5,229 on the engagement ring, but some guys spend a lot less and some spend a whole lot more. As a rule of thumb, most jewelers suggest that men plan to spend about three months of their salary. But if you’re heavily in debt or concerned about job security, you may want to scale back. Worried that your girlfriend is expecting something bigger? Slip your opinion into a casual conversation. Whatever you decide to spend, you can cut the final cost of your diamond by 40 to 50 percent by doing your homework and buying online.

(This doesn’t deliver what was promised in the headline, doesn’t end with a lead-generating CTA, and also does not have images or bullet points.)

It’s easy to see the difference between these two blogs. While they both target the audience, men about to propose, and address the same topic, how much to spend on the ring, they go about it in very different ways- and will earn very different results. It may take a while to master the art of writing compounding blogs, and certainly not every blog will gain the desired results. That’s okay! These tricks will be second nature eventually, with your blog views and conversions reaping the benefits.

Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors, is your business one of them? If you’re not sure how to get started with your blog, Impulse Creative can help. Download our free eBook Beginner’s Guide to Blogging for Business for even more advice.

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