Instagram ‘Search’ is now available for web users

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Instagram, everyone’s favorite photo-and-video sharing app, just introduced search on its website for the first time. They’ve added a search function to its web interface that gives users the ability to browse accounts, search for hashtags, locations, and user accounts right from the desktop. The Facebook-owned app is also adding a “Top Posts” feature to web search results for hashtags and locations that will display the most popular results for that search above recent posts.

Here’s a deeper look at the new changes to Instagram’s search functions.

Catching up and connecting people

In 2013, Instagram moved from an app-only platform to offering a full-feed experience for web users. Through the years, they have made many much-requested changes to the service.

“Web search is part of a broader commitment to improving discovery across our platforms,” an Instagram spokesperson told Forbes. “With 70 million photos shared to Instagram each day, if something is happening in the world, it’s likely being captured on Instagram.”

Instagram’s website still lags behind the functionality of its mobile app, though last month web embeds generated about 5.3 billion impressions. Instagram created its site in 2013, about three years after the launch of its mobile app.

Mobile and web align

The web search tool, which is displayed in the middle of the header at the top of the page,

is consistent with Instagram’s push last month to dramatically improve discovery and search on mobile. As part of its revamped Explore tab on mobile, Instagram added a new option to search for places, curated sections within Explore based on trending hashtags and locations, as well as hand-picked collections focused on accounts and places. Most of the new Explore features are not currently available on desktop.

The redesign of Instagram for the web looks similar to profile pages in its mobile app. In addition, the user’s profile pictures, posts, followers and following on the web version are in the same style as on the mobile. The new layout will be present on hashtag pages as well and similar design updates will be present on the desktop feed and mobile profiles too.

Changes like this will make it make it easier for people to find interests and categories they like. Positioning your business to take advantage of these search features by using trending hashtags. Social tools like Instagram give you a unique platform to showcase your business. Download this free social media for business ebook for more information on how to make social work for you. 

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