Is it Time to Change Your Company's Logo?

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First impressions really do count. For this reason, your logo is a crucial piece of your marketing strategy. Your logo is a visual cornerstone of your company’s brand; it’s one of the main things that makes your business memorable. Think of eBay, Apple, and Yahoo. Each one of these companies has a distinctive logo that a large percentage of people would be able to describe without seeing. While Google had a very recognizable logo, they recently released a brand new version. Why? Needing a logo change doesn’t mean you got it wrong the first time, it just means that it’s time to evolve. So, is it time to change your small business’s logo? Five questions you need to address before moving in that direction are:

1. Does it Look Outdated?

Some fonts, shapes or color combinations can make your company look behind the times. Think about the bright neon colors and cursive script used in so many logos from 1980’s. You don’t see those very often anymore, unless they’re purposefully trying to be retro or ironic. In some markets, especially those that are supposed to be “cutting edge”, an outdated logo can be a serious problem and a reason for an immediate redesign.

2. Is There Technical Problems?

Complex logo designs don’t scale down well, a problem in today’s mobile-centered world. Multi-colored logos can become too expensive to print on all your needed marketing materials. Such technical considerations might seem nitpicky, but they can be valid reasons for logo changes. If your logo doesn’t look perfect, every time and in every size, it’s time to consider a change.

3. Would Changing it Really Help?

Not every company reaches the heights of Google. Look at the products inside your bathroom cabinet or under your kitchen sink. Most of the logos you’ll see fall short of “iconic” or “groundbreaking.” Would you be more likely to buy the same hand soap again if its logo were more updated? Sometimes, the logo takes a backseat to the cost and quality of the product and a new logo change won’t fool consumers.

4. Have You Changed Your Services?

Recently, Domino's released a series of television ads focused on them dropping the “pizza” from their logo because they are more than just a pizza place now. Starbucks did the same thing by dropping the “coffee” from their new logo. The message: Starbucks is looking to further expand beyond coffee. If you are adding or subtracting your services offered, it may be a good idea to freshen up your logo to reflect these changes.

5. Would a Change Warrant The Cost?

Even if you think a change will help your brand, can you make a case that a new or updated logo for your small business would warrant the expense out of your budget? Changing your logo means printing new brochures, getting new signs, ordering new business cards, redoing your website, and more. Consider the overall cost before beginning the process of changing it. If you think it’s an easy fix to mask other problems, like bad PR, it may not be the case.

From color choice to font size, your logo says a lot about your company- so choose wisely. If you’re still on the fence about whether it’s time for a new logo, Impulse Creative can help. Get a free brand assessment or download our handy marketing toolkit below.

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