Rock Your Business Insta Stories in 7 Ways!

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Instagram Stories give content marketers everything they could ask for in a social network. You can edit and upload photos, upload videos, apply filters, send direct messages, advertise and create content that disappears in 24 hours. (And that is literally only scratching the surface.)

Wondering how your business can integrate Instagram Stories as a marketing channel? We’ve got a few clever Impulse Creative ideas to help you get started:

IG Story Preparation

First things first, let’s talk about your content. It’s best to think of your Instagram Story as a TV network. You’ll need programming. Pull out that handy dandy “content calendar” and brainstorm content ahead of time. Preparation is essential for stories because it helps content flow seamlessly and gives your audience something to consistently look forward to.

Seven Rad Content Ideas for Instagram Stories

Behind the Scenes

Give your audience a taste of your office and staff. Let them dive into your company’s culture. Is it an employee’s birthday? Invite the users into the break room for cake. Are you having a brainstorming session? Go LIVE and let your audience see how your team pulls ideas together.

Be creative with your Behind the Scenes content, but most importantly, be authentic. This is a great way to humanize your brand and develop a deeper connection with your customers.

Q&A Session

Q&A’s give your audience a chance to learn from the experts. Grab one of your specialists around the office and sit them down for an interview-type session. You can get crazy creative by uploading branded content for the session. For example, Instagram Stories allows you to upload a mix of photos and video for your story. So for each Q&A, you can upload a photo with the question posted. Then, for the answer, you can hit record and have your specialist answer the question by video. It’s an easy way to mix up the content and make your story interactive.

Testimonial Using “LIVE with a Friend”

Live with a friend is a BRAND NEW feature from Instagram Stories that allows you to bring a “friend” on camera with you, no matter where they are in the world. You simply “Go Live” and then invite one of your Instagram followers to join. Once they accept, the screen splits into two, and your “friend” is now on camera.

This is particular feature would be a great way to interact with a recent customer who can provide an outstanding testimonial for your business. If you’ve had a recent or past transaction with someone who was happy with your work, invite them to join you live on camera so they can tell the world about your amazing service!

Watch Ryan and Katelyn test drive the new Instagram Live With a Friend!

Promote a Recent Blog

One of my favorite ways to utilize Instagram Stories is to promote a recent blog. I normally pick out a few key points from the blog and create a storyboard using video and photos to “tease” the content. At the end of the story I have a call to action for the audience to, “read more by clicking on the link in our bio”. Hello referral traffic!


Repurpose Content

Like I’ve mentioned, Instagram Stories allows you to upload both videos and photos. If you’ve got an awesome tutorial video or a bangin’ photo of your service or product, just upload it to Instagram Stories to promote it. Keep in mind, when uploading video, clips are only allocated 15 seconds. So if you have a video longer than that, you’ll have to cut it up for IG.



Tip Tuesday is a popular social media hashtag that professionals use on Tuesdays to promote industry-related tips. If you decide to embrace this piece of content, be sure to add the hashtag to your post, so that your story reaches more people! The hashtag can be accessed by clicking the top right smile icon. Once you add the hashtag, anyone that searches that hashtag on Instagram will be able to see your story.

Exclusive Sales or Discounts

Running a flash sale? Post it on Instagram Stories to promote it! Want to offer an exclusive promo code to your social media followers? Post it on Instagram and let your audience know they only have 24 hours to use the code. (As long as your IG Story stays live).


These seven ideas are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Instagram Stories. With today’s social media users, you’re able to be creative and think out of the box. In fact, you have to if you want to keep the attention of your audience. Be authentic, be personal and have fun with it. The absolute best way to use Instagram Stories is to GET STARTED RIGHT NOW.

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