Social Media Posting: How Much is Too Much?

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If you’ve been reading any of our previous posts, it's no secret that social media plays a huge part in Inbound Marketing. Posting relevant, engaging, and entertaining things to your Twitter, Facebook, and so on is very important to both attracting and keeping customers. But there’s more to it than that. You can’t just fill everyone’s feeds with spam constantly and expect to see results. Itwitter_blog-559278-edited-2.jpgn fact, it is totally possible to post too much and get unfollowed for that reason. Instead of annoying everyone, post methodically and strategically.


  • 3 to 14 times per day
  • Never more than once an hour

Finding a perfect number for Twitter is difficult, because it depends on what you are using Twitter to try to achieve and who you are trying to reach. A younger targeted audience will be receptive to more than three tweets a day. Engagement rates are the highest at 3 tweets a day, but you can post up to 30 times a day to achieve the most retweets. Are you trying for brand awareness? Tweet more. Are you aiming for quality engagement back and forth with your followers? Tweet less.


  • 2 times per day
  • Early morning or in the evenings

As a general rule, posting once per week on Facebook was too low and caused a losBuyer_Persona_Meeting_Updates.jpgs of connection with your audience, while posting more than twice per day was crossing the line into annoying. Again, your targeted audience matters here so take your buyer personas into account. Several studies have pointed to the fact that five to 10 posts per week was the optimal amount.


  • Once a day
  • Not on weekends

The most authoritative guideline for LinkedIn sharing comes from the LinkedIn itself, which published a marketing report claiming 20 posts per month allows you to reach 60% of your audience. Twenty posts per month equals one post per weekday. If the audience you are trying to reach uses LinkedIn often, probably a group of professionals, then plan your postings around when that type of person would be browsing the website. Right before work starts in the morning or in the evening when they have downtime will typically bDiversity_Smarketing.jpge highly-trafficked times of the day, but don’t forget about lunch breaks too.


  • 2 times per day
  • Weekday mornings are best

Google+ is used much less frequently than other social media platforms, but still has a decent amount of die-hard users. There wasn’t a very good amount of reputable data showing the best amount of posts. However, it closely resembles LinkedIn in both its functionality and user base, so weekday mornings are probably best.

When you post and how often you post is nearly as important as what you post. But remember, the perfect blend for your company depends on your industry and who you’re trying to reach as well. Seem confusing? That’s where Impulse Creative comes in. Download our free eBook Mastering Social Media for Business and learn about experts tips and suggestions for keeping your brand’s social media strategy up to date.

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