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Thanksgiving the Smarketing Way

by Rachel Begg | November 22, 2013 at 11:30 AM

Thanksgiving the Smarketing WayThere are times when it feels like sales and the marketing teams are living on two different continents, right? These two teams have so much in common and yet they are on opposite sides of the office, in opposite cubicles and possibly even in separate buildings. However, when you think about it, the perfect coming together of the sales and the marketing team is like that of the Indians and the Pilgrims coming together on Thanksgiving.

The Sales Pilgrims

Sales teams speak their own language and run in a different circle from the marketing team. The sales team speaks of LY figures, of discounts, promos and the ever prominent bottom line. The sales team worries about the way they will grab a client’s attention. They are worried about open ended questions and closing the sale.

The Marketing Indians

The marketing team is in the corporate office; they talk about boosting the crops of the season. The marketing team is always out there trying to get the most from social media and other platforms just as the Indians were trying to use everything they could from nature and not let anything go to waste. The marketing team wants catchy slogans, eye popping design made of beautiful colors, and to build a consistent brand for their tribe.

Sales and Marketing Working Together

When the sales team and the marketing team come together for the first time on a project there can be a clashing of ideas. The sales team wants to know the catch phrase; they want to be able to see the bottom line. The marketing team wants to roll out their promotion that day; they are excited about web layout and images pasted into emails and PR releases.

Sales and marketing working together happens when everyone brings something to the table. Just as there was lobster and squash alongside carrots and goat cheese, these two teams can come together. They can come to the table when they see the perfect pitch and the catchphrase for the sales team works well when used as the hashtag or in a banner ad for the marketing team.

Prevent the Blend from Being Bland

The trick is to find the right spices. Just as a turkey benefits from a spice rub and an apple pie will benefit from cinnamon and nutmeg, the sales team and the marketing team will benefit from the right finesse. In the first Thanksgiving there was a bit of tension. As the years have evolved some of the traditions have changed. Lobster is no longer as common as turkey. Talks of tilling the field have been replaced by talks of football.

Sales and marketing working together is like the perfect sandwich the day after Thanksgiving. It is about the consistency of the two teams as they work together. The more you can find the fusion, the better the blend will be and everything will be as tasty as a warm apple pie with a la mode ice cream!