Tips on How to Sell Florida Real Estate Online

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Selling real estate in Florida is a highly competitive field, and agents need every advantage they can get. Effective online marketing campaigns have become one of those advantages that top agents and firms use to outsell their peers. Online marketing is more than just putting up a website and praying for results. The Field of Dreams cliche of, If you build it they will come, doesn’t not hold true for online real estate marketing. More modern strategies like inbound marketing need to be put into play to fully take advantage of a website.

Targeting Your Specific Buyers & Sellers

Online real estate marketing will give you great results if you know who your target market is. This means defining your market niche that you can compete in and where you are at your best. The buyers in this niche are your buyer personas. Your website and content efforts need to speak directly to these people. For instance, if you feel you have a knack for selling waterfront homes to newly-retired people from the northeast, then that’s your niche market and you have to design your real estate marketing campaigns and website in that direction to get the results you want.

Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generating Hub

When designing your Florida real estate website, you not only have to create it so that relates to the personality of your buyer personas, but you need to also turn it into a content publishing machine. Your real estate blog is going to help solve the pain points of your future clients. Create content that tells them the best waterfront neighborhoods in Fort Myers, or top schools located in areas your target audience may be interested in. This is a tremendous opportunity to position your real estate company as a leader in the market. You’ll establish your expertise in the market and become an informational resource to local buyers and sellers. It’s important to know that just like the Florida homes you’re selling, your website needs to have some curb appeal. Make it attractive to your target audience and make it an informational powerhouse.

Create Social Audiences

Florida is an easy sell; beautiful beaches, nice weather, swaying palm trees. Use the love that people have for this type of lifestyle and create engaging audiences on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. While you’re getting potential clients excited about the beaches and recreational activities, sprinkle in some of the informational content you created on your real estate blog. This will help drive people back to your site so that if they're looking for more information they’ll be directed down the marketing funnel, becoming a lead for you.

Give Them Something

When people visit your site because they were interested in one of the blog posts you wrote, you need to direct them to take a next step. Develop a relevant ebook and give it away to your site visitors or give them a custom MLS search to show what is available. If a person just read your post about the top waterfront streets to live on in southwest Florida, you could assume that they might be into boating. Write and give them an ebook like, “The Guide to the Best Boating Areas in southwest Florida.” People will gladly give their name and email address in return for a free offer like this. Once they do, you can continue to market to them and move them further down the funnel with more specific content and offers.

These marketing tips will help give you a competitive advantage over other Florida real estate agents. Start with defining who exactly you want to attract, build a website that specifically speaks to those buyer personas, then create an inbound marketing strategy that pulls people to your site and converts them to leads with relevant offers. It’s a powerful strategy that will position you as a top Florida real estate agent. To learn more about how you can make inbound marketing work for you, download this free ebook and you’ll be on your position for success.

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