Twitter Promote: Is this new automated ads feature right for your business?

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Twitter Promote: Is this new automated ad feature right for your business?

Earlier this week, Twitter announced a new ad subscription tool called "Promote Mode.” According to their official announcement, Promote Mode, which can only be accessed through the Twitter app, will work best for people wanting to promote their brand or product with automated ads.

Sounds convenient right? The short answer is: maybe.

Let’s dive into the details of this new feature and weigh the pros and cons of whether Twitter Promote is right for your business.

How does Twitter Promote work?

For $99 per month, your tweets (up to 10 per day), will automatically become ads targeted at your selected audience. (Keep in mind, your tweets must still pass Twitter’s quality filter guidelines which can be found here.Additionally,  Promote Mode will only allow you to target up to five interests or locations or regions in a selected country which is no way comparable to Twitter's existing ad platform.


Here’s where it gets a little grey: Twitter states that the extent each Tweet is promoted may vary based on its performance.  Futhermore, because this system is automated, not every tweet you promote will automatically be added to the Promoted Tweet campaign. And you’re not able to choose which tweets get promoted or not. You can, however, pause an ad through the “Promotion Status” slider in the “Subscription” menu. By turning an ad’s status off, the promoted tweet will pause and new tweets will not get promoted until you choose to resume.

An upside to Twitter Promote is that it offers a suite of of analytical tools that will show both organic and paid engagement including:

  • Promotion Period
  • People Reached
  • Followers Gained
  • Profile Visits
  • Individual Tweet Performance

Is Twitter Promote right for my business?

Even though these ads are automated, you’re still going to have to do a little bit of leg work to be successful. Twitter states that you will reach an average of 30,000 additional people per month and add 30 new followers, but they won’t guarantee results in the case that your tweets aren’t informative, engaging, or charming enough. With those modest numbers in mind, it seems as though the best fit for this new feature is individual users and small-to-medium sized businesses with less than 2,000 followers. Futuristically, Twitter plans to offer additional, higher-priced subscription tiers for accounts with larger followings.

If you’re a business who doesn’t have the means to hire an agency to perform this kind of Twitter magic on your behalf the traditional way, then this $99 Twitter feature may be worth trying. Even if the return isn’t game-changing, you’re still going to grow your online presence.

Want to learn more about Twitter Promote?  Visit the FAQ found here for more information.

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