What Type of Dinosaur is Your Marketing Strategy?

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WhatTypeOfDinosaur.jpgFrom Jurassic World’s huge summer blockbuster release to Chinese farmers finding a 50-foot skeleton, dinosaurs are huge this summer! And for good reason- Dinosaurs are cool. No exceptions. Since we already agree that everything is better with dinosaurs, let’s break down some popular inbound marketing strategies and see which method, and dinosaur, works best for your brand:

Cross-Media Marketing. This strategy provides your potential customers with your message through multiple channels like email, physical mail, landing pages, and online advertisements to cross promote your products and services. Where ever they look, you’re there!

DinosaurTRex.jpgYour Dinosaur: The mighty T-Rex! There’s no getting away from your brand. This strategy is a great way to saturate the market with your name, so everyone knows exactly who you are and where you are- just the like most feared dinosaur of all time.

Content Marketing. Writing and publishing content to educate potential customers about your products and services is the basis of any good inbound marketing strategy. This is an effective means of bringing them to you, without using pushy selling methods. Content marketing is all about being there when they decide to make a purchase, but not forcing them before they are ready.

Your Dinosaur: Brachiosaurus. Just like this famously slow-moving dinosaur, your brand is all about getting there the correct way, without rushing. Slow and steady wins the race, and the customer. No one is running to the huge Brachiosaurus, but it’s there whenever someone is ready- just like you.

Relationship Marketing. Another great part of the inbound marketing strategy is to focus on building relationships with your customers instead of always trying to sell them your product. Customers who love your brand more will also spend more money on your brand in the long run. Make sure every email they receive and every social media post they see isn’t always pushing a sale; just reach out with fun information and stories.

Your Dinosaur: Triceratops. Like the basis of this technique, Triceratops focused on building strong relationships that kept everyone happy. They didn’t attack on their own like the T-Rex, they knew the importance of an alliance. Inbound marketing will be a lot easier for your brand if you potential customers feel a connection with you.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing. This is the passing of information about your brand from person to person, typically flowing naturally in a conversation. Customers are very excited to share with the world the brands they love, making them what inbound marketers call “evangelists." Many potential consumers put a lot of trust in a brand they hear about from someone they already have a relationship with.

Your Dinosaur: Stegosaurus. This giant reptile lived in herds, often yowling to other members of the community with information, like an incoming predator. Their mutual trust was beneficial to everyone, just like word-of-mouth marketing is beneficial to both you (it’s free!) and the customers.

Social Media Marketing. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer a unique opportunity for savvy businesses willing to invest in customer engagement and increasing brand awareness. Social media marketing is still fairly new, but it’s definitely one the best ways to reach Millennials and other trendy consumers.

mosasaurus-eating-shark.jpgPhoto credit: JurassicWorld.com

Your Dinosaur: Mosasaurus. Thanks to Jurassic World’s exciting trailer, the Mosasaurus is the most talked about dinosaur this summer. While mainly unheard of before, 64 million people have now watched the YouTube video showing this huge marine reptile eating a great white shark. What better way to prove the value of a social media campaign?

Inbound marketing is a great way to bring new potential customers into awareness and eventually get them to purchase, and it can also be fun! Social media and blogs are there for your brand to express your uniqueness. Be you! Don’t worry about trying to be formal all of the time; today’s consumers want to enjoy your brand before they ever think of getting to the point of sale. Like a dinosaur in a top hat, you’ll be surprised just how much recognition you can get from being a little quirky and funny.

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