Video Content All Over The Map? Here's Why You Need Video Brand Guidelines

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Video is the best content type to make you stand out from your competitors. After all, it’s one of the only types of media that can really help you resonate with your audience. With solid guidelines you can ensure that your brand is consistently portrayed the way your business sees fit. Without them, an element of your marketing campaign is likely to communicate completely different ideas about your brand and your message becomes polluted.

Things to Include in Video Brand Guidelines

With video you need to consider and add a few new elements to your existing guidelines:

Tone of Voice

Include information about the tone you want to portray in the video. Are your videos playful and silly or serious and informative? Talk this over with your team or refer to the tone of voice in the social media section of your brand guidelines.  


Language will help you to decide how your company is represented in the video copy/description.

Colors and Logo Usage

Colors will most likely be similar to the palette specified for your brand but you also need to specify how your logo should be featured in video. Do you want your logo prominent, will anything be able to reside beside it, do you want it featured at all?


Although typography may be derived from your general brand guidelines, you will probably need to discuss the size of the font for your videos. Think about headers subheads, and names. How do you want to display these aspects of your video?


Video introduces a new element to your brand – sound. What type of sound do you want and the what kind of mood do you want to flow with it. Determine your key themes and always acquire licensed music.


Your last video guideline pertains to the promotion of your video. What channels will you use to promote your video, how will you promote, paid or unpaid?

Video is a powerful way to differentiate your brand from the rest. To do it well, specify your video brand guidelines so that you can determine how your business will be portrayed through media. If you are looking for Video Marketing, let us know how we can help. We can work with you to design a video strategy that engages your audience and drives leads.

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