YouTube Marketing: What it is and Why You Should Care

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What is YouTube Marketing?

Simple, it’s a way to get your content noticed even FURTHER!

YouTube isn’t just a site where you can watch funny videos of animals doing silly things, it’s an option businesses use to showcase what they got! As we all know, marketing is no stranger to visual aids, and marketing campaigns with video content have been proven to have a much deeper impact than those without videos.

So Why Choose YouTube?

One third of all online activity is spent watching videos and YouTube has more than a BILLION active users. That, my friends, is A LOT of people watching, uploading , and sharing videos. And that is why you should care!

Because YouTube is such a successful video sharing website and 59% of executives prefer to watch videos to reading text, it’s a no brainer why marketing campaigns are using YouTube to showcase their content and services. Not to mention, YouTube offers users the ability to view videos on web pages outside their website. Embedding YouTube videos in social networking pages and blogs makes it easy for companies to share their work on multiple social media channels. It’s as easy as copy, paste, post.


Now if only YouTube offered live streaming also…. OH WAIT, it totally does!

Back in 2012, more than 8 million people watched Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the edge of space as a live stream on YouTube. So if a marketing campaign includes a live conference they have the option to stream it live, share it on other social media channels and get their brand out there into the digital world.

Only Advantages (Really)

Oh, and let’s not forget all this is all free! You can set up an account, post videos, share, go live and more, all for free! So you have no excuse not to add YouTube to your ways of networking. Even if you already have a website, it’s ok to have another way to share your videos. In fact, the more the merrier, because every video you have on your YouTube channel strengthens your website, because every video points back to your YouTube channel page. The more authoritative your channel/homepage becomes, the easier it becomes for your site to rank. In other words, the more you mill some sweet content, the better the odds are that it will be noticed.

Of course SEO and keywords play a large part of this process as well.


The more people go back to your YouTube channel, the more traffic will increase. People might look for the videos on YouTube instead of your website as first. But as they find your videos increasingly useful, they’ll eventually follow the link to your website and drive even more traffic!

Reach Out and Make a Connection

So let’s talk about connecting. The connectivity of YouTube makes it a extremely reliable social media platform. Unlike random posts and tweets, videos can be more easily made to relate to the viewers, because people prefer to indulge in videos. (Over a billion active YouTube users, remember?! Proof is in the pudding!)  

Users get to be familiar with what the videos are intended for, and at times, these viewers get drawn in by it. That’s the reason why it’s crucial to make clear, high quality videos. Videos that don’t just promote or entertain, but videos that really connect to your viewers. Being on the same level as your audience is super important folks.

Just the Facts Jack

There are no cons to owning a YouTube channel, just pros bros. It will help generate more leads to your content, it’s something you can’t and shouldn’t ignore. The numbers are out there and they will just continue to increase as more and more people demand video in their marketing. But why just believe what I’m writing to you? Here, enjoy these stats:      

YouTube Company Statistics

  • Number of videos viewed on YouTube everyday: 4,950,000,000
  • Number of unique visits to Youtube every month: 900,000,000
  • Total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month: 3.25 Billion hours

I rest my case. Go be awesome and make YouTube part of your video marketing!

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