API Integrations


Double Down on Data

As business relies more heavily on tech platforms, it’s becoming increasingly valuable to merge your data between systems, in an endless number of possible combinations to create the custom functions you need.

Maybe your analytical edge can be forged by connecting Quickbooks to your marketing lists. Maybe it requires connecting your marketing lists to your customer relationship manager (CRM).

No matter what programs you connect, API integrations open the flow of data between systems, so that you can make better informed business decisions.


The Process

Despite which two systems you’re connecting, API integrations are simply code that allows for data to be passed back and forth between systems, automatically.

We’ll begin by listening, to understand and assess the platforms and information you want to connect. Once a solid strategy is in place and aligned with your goals, our internal team can develop the software connection and support it going forward, so that you can make changes anytime.

When you want to integrate your marketing and sales tools, we have the developers create the connections you need, as well as the marketers to ensure you’re getting the right data for your goals.



Our Inbound Approach

Your marketing should be data-driven, as the basis for creating and analysing your campaigns, and the driving force behind your business’ direction. If you want to leverage your data to grow, our team can help you to explore what’s possible.


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