Development Needs Assessment


Why it Matters for Us

Buying development services can be a lot like buying a car, with pushy salespeople trying to sell you a lot more than you need.

We don’t work that way because our mission is to accomplish your business goals. like, “X amount of increased revenue in X amount of time”. So, it doesn’t do us any good to overcharge for technology that you don’t need.

Instead, we’ll help you to build exactly what you need and nothing you don’t, with a project plan that’s based on real data and the actual needs of your customers.

Our team will help you to fully assess your customer needs, technical challenges, and what it will take to resolve them fast, within your budget.

Start with this service for development of your next:

  • Mobile app
  • Web-based app
  • Calculator tool
  • Interactive map
  • API Integration

Why it Matters for You

Too often, agencies sell apps and other development services to businesses without helping them to shape the scope of the project for a realistic ROI.

The truth is not all tech tools are right for every business. And even when they’re right for your customers, every feature and function should be absolutely necessary to avoid a cumbersome outcome and skyrocketing development expenses.

So at Impulse Creative, we approach your development project by starting with three weeks of strategic planning.


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