Brand Workshops

Create Your Own Brand Plan

Create Your Own Brand Plan

Solid branding begins in a document that outlines your brand guidelines, from voice to visuals, to mission statements and marketing strategies on each of your social media channels.

Most companies only have a piece of this puzzle. Everything else is sort of improvised. You can do better. In fact, if you dream of your brand becoming a household name, you have to do better.

Brands are a lot more than a logo. They’re the foundation of your marketing and customer experience. It’s the voice we hear, the colors we see and the emotions we feel when we interact with your business. That deserves a whole lot of consideration.

But developing your brand can be a daunting task, even for a seasoned marketing department. Bringing in outside experts to guide the process helps your team to see your business from the same perspective as your customers.

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The Process

Start getting serious about your branding with professional designers and content marketers that know the right questions to ask.

Begin by working with our team in 4-5 video conference meetings where we’ll get to know your business by working with your C-Suite and marketing managers. As we discover the existing pieces of your brand, we’ll learn where we need to fill in the gaps and address issues.

Now comes the fun part. Our branding experts will lead 3 days of workshops in your office, with your team, including brainstorms, exercises and activities to identify and maximize every part of your brand. Your team will be a part of the same creative process we’ve used to launch dozens of successful brands.

When we’re finished, you’ll receive a complete brand plan we created in workshops with your team. This instruction manual can be used for years to come to replicate your brand voice, design consistent visuals and create a strong brand experience in every interaction.



The Brand Plan Workshop

Recruit the Impulse Creative Brand Team to define and develop your company’s brand plan. These 3 days of fun workshops are customized for your team and your brand challenges, but typically include:

  • Day 1
    • Define your Brand Identity including your company’s mission, vision core values and more as we build a foundation for your brand plan.
  • Day 2
    • Create your Graphic Guidelines and Editorial Style Guide to ensure consistent visuals and the same tone of voice, no matter where your brand appears or who is representing it.
  • Day 3
    • Define your Brand Marketing Strategy including blog plans, Social Media Guidelines, video style and everything else you need to brand your day-to-day marketing experiences.

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