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Strength in Data Unity

A customer relationship manager (CRM) is essentially a database for your business contacts. For most businesses, their system begins as customer contact information stored in their financial invoicing system. But as a business matures, you’ll have to store and update detailed information for inactive customers and leads, as well as current customers.

For companies without a CRM, it’s tough to know which one is best for your business. Should you focus more on sales, marketing or operations? Most people are just too close to their own organization to choose without bias. Without the right strategy, even a great CRM can hurt more than it helps.

For companies that already have a CRM, it’s likely you’ve outgrown it, aren’t fully utilizing it, or everyone is using it differently, creating multiple versions of the same data.

Trust the expertise of our sales and marketing pros to implement a CRM solution that’s right for you and positioned to grow with your business.


The Process

If your company is already using a CRM, we’ll begin with an audit to understand exactly how it’s currently being used. It’s important to view the use of a CRM from a company-wide level, then drill down into how it needs to work for each department.

If you don’t currently have a CRM, we’ll start by performing a needs analysis to understand which platform is best for your business. Armed with that real data, we can help you to select the right CRM, build it out to fit the company and provide the change management support it takes to not disrupt an entire business when a new technology is introduced.


As we create the strategy to make your CRM successful, we’ll diagram it’s usage throughout the organization and how the information will come together. Then, we’ll customize details such as required contact form fields and the rules technology follows within your system.

Once we’ve fully built and customized the infrastructure of your CRM to solve for your specific challenges, we’ll create step-by-step usage guidelines for each department to utilize and maximize your investment.

Common platforms we work with include: Salesforce, Hubspot, Nimble, ZOHO and Nutshell.


Our Inbound Approach

Without a CRM, it’s harder for customer support or sales staff to have an accurate picture of the contacts they’re communicating with, including how long they’ve been connected with the company.

Using that valuable information, your sales and marketing team will know exactly where each contact is within the customer lifecycle then attract, nurture and convert leads at the right time, with the right message.


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