Database Management


Making a List? Check it Twice.

Before you begin marketing to an email list that hasn’t been contacted or updated in more than 6 months, database management is how you can avoid disaster.

Big lists of leads and contact information can seem like sales gold, but in reality, most lists are a dismal failure because they’re not accurate or segmented.

What’s worse than not getting results, is being penalized by email service providers (ESPs) for sending emails to an inaccurate list, or getting blacklisted by an internet service provider (ISP) for spam. Now and in the future, your deliverability rate depends on what ISPs think of your organization. Don’t risk your digital reputation by not being thorough.


The Process

Marketing databases decay at a rate of 23% per year. That’s a high probability your list needs to be rechecked before you can begin using it to generate new leads or customers.

When you have a new list, need to import contact lists in a CRMS, or are combining lists, we’ll ensure all of the information is correct first. We start by auditing your database to verify that all of your emails are accurate, the factor that most directly affects your conversion rates.

Then, we’ll dig into the rest of the data and use that information to segment your lists into actionable pieces (location, persona, activity dates). This strategy yields better results by giving you the details and opportunity to make your communication more specific and authentic.

Finally, we’ll wrap up our testing with a series of emails to test the audience by making sure they’re engaged and gauge their interest.



Our Inbound Approach

We start all marketing and sales by understanding buyer personas. Being able to view your contact lists through that lense is a powerful tool for segmentation. By reaching out to your contacts in the context of specific marketing personas, we can achieve higher response rates and reach your business goals faster.

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