Logo Design

Brand Success Begins with Smart Strategy


Design with Your Buyer in Mind

Whether you’re branding a new business or refreshing an old logo, there’s a million designers for hire. Even for as little as $5. The big difference between them and us is the strategy behind your design.

The Impulse team uses a buyer-centric approach in all of our creative work. While any designer can give you a nice graphic to represent your business, Impulse Creative can ensure that logo is targeting the right people and saying the right (sometimes unspoken) message.

The right logo is an investment, expertly designed to fuel your sales. Don’t settle for less.


The Process

At Impulse Creative, you’re a part of the process, working directly with our team to ensure you’re happy, confident and successful.

We’ll start by learning about your business, ideal customers, challenges, likes or dislikes and how buyers interact with your brand. This step is crucial to tying your logo into your company’s story and buyer’s journey.

Next, sketches and industry research help us to forecast trends and ensure your logo design stands out, while still fitting in. Choose from 3 distinct directions, then  explore color options as you work with us through constant collaboration.



Your Logo Design

No matter where you’re located, our team can work with you to create a logo design that does more than you ever knew it could.

Our five-step logo design process typically takes 3-6 weeks from our first meeting to handing over your complete design files. Get everything you need, including data-driven marketing insight, to start promoting your brand, with or without us.

Depending on what you need, your logo design package could include:

  • Final logo files (prepared for digital and print use)
  • Logo standards guide
  • Standard print collateral (business cards, letterheads,envelopes)
  • Digital visual assets (powerpoint templates, social media graphics, web design mock-ups)
  • Environmental mock-ups (vehicle graphics, apparel, billboards and more)
  • We can even handle printing for you!


We're So Ready!

Reach out and let's start a conversation.

We'll talk about the future of your company, the direction of your initiatives, and what makes you tick during our consult. We want to understand who your best customers are and how we can act as an extension of your team to deliver incredible value.

Say hello to the extension of your team. 


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