Sales Audit

Why it Matters for Us

We’re not in the business of promising anything we can’t deliver.

Before anyone can realistically tell you what your sales team needs, they need to really understand what’s already working for you (and what’s not).

Every buyer’s journey and every business is different. So our expert team begins your sales projects and processes by getting to know your sales operations and the real data driving your bottom line.  

Get sales strategy customized for your goals and challenges with recommendations from experts that understand what’s really possible.  

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We'll talk about the future of your company, the direction of your initiatives, and what makes you tick during our consult. We want to understand who your best customers are and how we can act as an extension of your team to deliver incredible value.

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Why it Matters for You

When you’re just not closing deals, or want to grow to your sales team and don’t know where to start, an audit creates a clear path to your goals. Understand exactly how to get to the next level, by understanding exactly where you are now, with real data.

Our team spends an intensive four weeks creating a custom strategy to fill the gaps in your sales process and work towards your revenue-based goals. We use real sales calls, customer surveys, heat mapping and more to make recommendations and project your ROI with confidence, not just good intentions.



Get your complete sales audit in just four weeks so you can start making more money, sooner.

Week 1
The Kick Off

Initial meetings focused on: your sales quotas and company goals, sales challenges and KPIs, competitors and ideal client profiles. This is also when we’ll set up a sales call recording and collect your sales materials, as well as begin accessing your CRM and other sales tools.

Week 2
Sales Process Deep Dive

Interviews with your sales and marketing teams, customer questionnaires and a buyer’s journey workshop.

Week 3
Reporting Findings

Define lead stages and opportunity pipeline. Assess call recordings, prioritize your most needed sales assets and present buyer’s journey.

Week 4
Service Level Agreement Rollout and Implementation

Service Level Agreement (SLA), internal sales process webinar, presentation of sales resource library, CRM and sales resource recommendations.


Your Fee-Based Sales Assessment

Know you’re setting your sales team up for success, because you have the data to prove it, woven into your comprehensive SLA and expert recommendations. Then, make informed decisions about what the changes, process and technology your sales team needs to get where you want your business to go.

You’ll have itemized quotes to get professional help from Impulse Creative, or choose to do the work yourself with the recommendations and details of your audit to guide you.

Either way, we’ll take the mystery out of your profits and help you project sales success.


Learn exactly how a sales assessment can take your business to the next level. Book a meeting.

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