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It’s not always enough to churn out really creative posts, tweets and photos.

Social media algorithms naturally limit your audience and the reach of your content. So if your business is investing time in social media (and it should be), you’ll have to invest a little financially to get the kind of results that change your bottom line.

Depending on your goals, there’s a lot of ways to advertise on social media. With a smart strategy, you can increase your reach, engagement, conversion rate and website traffic, for far less than the cost of a traditional ad.

Here’s the catch: businesses can waste serious money by attempting to run social media campaigns themselves, or by outsourcing them without thoroughly vetting their vendor. It’s not rocket science, but social media algorithms are complex and require daily, hands-on management.

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The Process

Every business can benefit by advertising on social media, but you’ll need a focused strategy to achieve specific results. That’s why our team begins by listening to your challenges, learning exactly what you need and establishing goals, like traffic, engagement or exposure. We’ll use that insight to power the creative, strategy, and analytics that drive results.

First, we’ll create detailed buyer personas to choose the right social media networks for your company. Then, we’ll establish the right type of campaign for your goals, complete with original design, copy and a hyper-targeted audience. All of your ads will receive ongoing management including constant analysis, testing and adjustments, for as long as they’re live.

Our team doesn’t just understand social media, we’re passionate about it. We’re constantly learning, tracking algorithm twists and leveraging new industry information for our clients, the day it’s discovered. When your results depend on understanding complex algorithms, that’s the kind of dedication to takes to succeed.



Your Social Media Ad Campaign

In most cases, solid social campaign takes a minimum of three months to build, test and optimize. Unlike traditional advertising, online advertising isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it service. Each one of your ads will be managed daily, with A/B testing to continually adjust their performance.

As you experience a fast increase in traffic that ultimately becomes more leads and more customers, we’ll make sure your investment stays profitable. Your ROI is calculated based on analytics that compare your ad spend to the value of the customers it’s generating, ensuring that our strategies are always driving profits for your business.


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