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Why it Matters for Us

You can’t build upon your video marketing until you have a solid foundation.

By assessing your current video content and identifying gaps, we can help you to reach your marketing goals faster. We’ll determine exactly what video content you need and how it can be improved as we review, revise and repurpose your existing content until it’s performing at its peak potential.

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Why it Matters for You

In the rush to create and publish video content, quantity over quality has become the norm. But it’s not low-budget cinematography that’s hurting everyone.

Businesses aren’t taking the time to ensure their videos work towards their goals. Don’t waste your resources on making more noise. Without a purpose, even the best video marketing content is pointless.

You’re spending time to create, edit and be in a video. Make every on-camera second matter more. We’ll help you to streamline your process so you’re not burning money on videos that aren’t accomplishing anything.




Week 1

Initial meeting to discuss your current video marketing strategy, goals and current library. Our team begins taking an inventory of your video marketing content and thoroughly reviewing it from every angle.

Week 2

In just two weeks, we’ll present you with a complete assessment of your video marketing operations, including a comprehensive plan of action items backed by analytics and data.



Your Assessment

At the end of this two-week audit, you receive a complete video strategy including numerical scores and assessments of: your competition’s video marketing, your video hosting platform and your video SEO. We’ll explain your video analytics and what the data is saying about how well you’re accomplishing your video marketing goals and reaching your target audience.

Just like spring cleaning, we’ll help you to objectively decide which videos to keep, which to redo, which to reuse and finally, which to remove, identifying any gaps in your video marketing.

We’ll also help you to form a plan for repurposing your videos, such as live video,  using existing educational content for a podcast or webinar, using video on LinkedIn and turning your content into tweets.

Finally, we’ll help you to stay on the right course by introducing you to the tools you can use to audit your own videos going forward and analyze the data that gauges their effectiveness.

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