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If your customers are human, video helps you to connect with them on a human level. But why bother if you’ve already got enough marketing?

Well, this appealing and authentic medium gives businesses a longer reach, higher engagement, increased conversion rates and ultimately, more sales.

Like websites, video has quickly become a requirement of doing business in the digital age. In fact, almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before making a purchase. Fortunately for businesses, video is more affordable and more accessible than ever before.

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Video is a great idea for all businesses, but many still aren’t embracing a video culture. They’re stopping video efforts before they even get started because of common misconceptions about how expensive, complicated or perfect their video marketing needs to be.

Impulse Creative combines videography with marketing strategy to humanize your brand, increase conversions and get results for a fraction of the cost of traditional video production companies.


The Process

Team Impulse has the equipment, talent and strategy you need to get in the video marketing game, from start to finish.

Instead of charging thousands of dollars to produce one original video, we’ll work with your team to repurpose your most popular content into dozens of strategic videos that supercharge your website, social media and more.

Begin simply with a video workshop for your whole team. Discuss topics, learn how to act naturally on camera and get a better sense of how simple a successful video strategy can be. Then, we’ll explore topic strategy and research your competitors to formulate your video marketing plan.


 Next, our professionals will storyboard your whole video series and write scripts for your team. Then we’ll film, direct and edit your videos through production, post production and beyond.

Finally, you’ll receive polished, complete and professional marketing videos that directly address what your customers want to hear, with a schedule for publishing them over a series of days, weeks, or even months.


Our Inbound Approach

Like all successful marketing content, good video marketing strategy directly relates to your buyer personas and connects with your audience to cover the subjects they care about most.

Want to see what a diverse video marketing strategy looks like? Explore our site and the original videos on nearly every page.


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