Ep. 12

WG012: Brad Ebenhoeh & Knowing Your Accounting Numbers

Let’s Set Sail

Webp.net-resizeimage-1This week's episode is all about the why, how, who of Leveraging Accounting To Support Growth aka Better Decisions aka “KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS” in your business.

Our special guest for this week’s journey is none other than Brad Ebenhoeh from Accountfully.

All hands on deck, let’s hoist those sails and set a course for your company’s growth voyage.

Navigational Instruments ~ Today’s Tool

Just like wayfinders have charts, compasses, and chronometers, we want you to have the right tools to navigate yourself and your team to success.

Tools of the week for accounting were:

CompassWant some reporting dashboards, then look into Fathom!

This weeks episode brought to you by: The Impulse Creative Website or Marketing Audits!

So often people look for a shiny new website or sign up for marketing retainers with agencies without understanding what the strategy and changes should be. Our audits demystify that process and set everyone up for success.

Charting Your Course

This weeks charting the course is filled with information and adventures. It is a must listen if you are wanting to get the seas of accounting under control.

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This Week’s Captain Killing It! Or (Killing Me #FAIL)

captainThe one person navigating this week’s dangerous seas of social media for their business and killing it at an admiral or a boatswain's mate level.

Brad names a couple companies that are killing it from a client and business perspective.

The IRS also made it onto the show for the first time ever.

Businesses Mentioned:

The Bermuda Triangle

In this section of the show, Brad mentions several things that many business owners fall prey to. So many times we focus on our weaknesses versus our strengths and that can cost a business a ton of money and time.

Let’s Set Sail


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