Ep. 13

WG013 RECAP: Knowing Your Accounting Numbers [ Brad Ebenhoeh ]

Let's Get Going!

Webp.net-resizeimage-1Last week, we talked about knowing your numbers, AKA accounting, with Brad Ebenhoeh from Accountfully.

We really had fun talking about accounting and numbers with Brad and we love the guys over at Accountfully.

There was one phrase in particular that Brad used quite a bit throughout the podcast and it took us a while into owning a business to really understand what it was: Opportunity Cost!

When you start out you don’t think about it because you’re not busy, but you must ask yourself “what is the opportunity cost (or the cost of focusing somewhere “revenue generating”) for?”

Navigational Tools

CompassAre you looking for some other accounting software?

Here is a list and and article you can check out.

The 12 Best Accounting Tools for Small Business


  1. Sage One
  2. FreshBooks
  3. QuickBooks Online
  4. Xero
  5. Sage 300 Online
  6. Sighted
  7. WagePoint
  8. Gusto
  9. SurePayroll
  10. TSheets
  11. Expensify
  12. Neat

Go read the article ...

Rather than focusing too much on the tech, drill down and understand what you sell and how much it actually costs!

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Charting the Course

WheelA couple things that spoke to us during Brad’s interview were:

Automate your process!

Schedule everything!

Use a project management tool.

Don’t be afraid to invoice. So funny.

But not really funny.

We also cover items like:

  • In the past, we’ve been guilty of not being afraid of invoicing— but instead, being nice.
  • Know how much it costs to do business, and know your numbers in any way
  • Actually look at your numbers. Everyone knows we nerd out over data. We have Klipfolio and Databox dashboards showing all sorts of metrics that matter.

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Captain Killing it

captainChipotle free guacamole promotion has made a lot of people pretty angry!

Chipotle has had a rough go for the last few years, from serious food safety concerns to a less-than-stellar reception of its first queso recipe.

The Mexican grill chain has been trying to win back customers with various promotions. Thus, free guacamole for all (kind of) on National Avocado Day was born! What could possibly ...

Read the article ...

How to Hack the Bermuda Triangle

map-oldOur thoughts on the pirate!

Review, Review, Review.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule.

Learn, Learn, Learn.


What were our final thoughts?

The power of collaboration, super important

What were your major takeaways? Let us know at impulsecreative.com.

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