Ep. 15

WG015: David Cancel From Drift on Conversational Marketing

Let’s Set Sail

This week's episode is all about the why, how, who of conversational marketing.

Our special guest for this week’s journey is none other than David Cancel from Drift.

Who are you?

Where your journey started and what you feel you are sailing towards professionally or personally?

All hands on deck, let’s hoist those sails and set a course for your company’s growth voyage.

PRO TIP: Hit David up for a VIP access ticket to Hyper Growth.

Navigational Instruments ~ Today’s Tool

map-oldJust like wayfinders have charts, compasses, and chronometers, we want you to have the right tools to navigate yourself and your team to success.

Tools (mindsets) of the week for conversational marketing:

David jumps into the deep end of being human online. He brings up how conversational marketing is actually way beyond just a platform.

He then leans into focusing on how we are returning to a natural pattern (people having conversations) and knowing what to do with those conversations.

Later in the episode David waxes poetic on how, historically, companies focused on numbers not humans.

Pro Tip: What we measure is what happens. So make sure you measure what is important.

We get a little nerdy as we then move into the conversational marketing funnel.

And then finally …

We push David into talking about the tool that is Drift.

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Charting Your Course

WheelWho needs to be the captain of this ship?

The captain of conversational marketing should be the person in demand gen (lead gen). If you are focusing on filling the pipeline with leads then this is your ship.

Where have most companies journeyed?

David also spoke about Geoffrey A. Moore’s Crossing the Chasm and where companies and Drift are in the landscape of conversational marketing.

Where are most companies now?

David says the biggest struggle is organizationally based. Not every company is an early adopter. Early adopters tend to win quicker and more often. Unfortunately, many companies are not positioned to move during times of transformation.

Remington asks, What happens when you add conversational marketing to your sales pipeline?

David talks about how sales have always been conversational. He talks about marketing having a harder time grasping this idea versus SDR’s and BDR’s will.

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This Week’s Captain Killing It! Or (Killing Me #FAIL)

The one person navigating this week’s dangerous seas of social media for their business and killing it at an admiral or a bosun's mate level.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk makes it onto the Wayfinding Growth show.

David talks about how Elon is killing it in a good and bad way!

The Bermuda Triangle

captainWhat makes this impossible for companies?

David mentions he doesn’t spend much time with the impossibles.

But, it is the laggard those people who won't change or can't change.

Other folks are stuck in the Bermuda Triangle because they are waiting more proof.

David talks about how, if a new transformation happens, where and when you want to jump in so you can get the lion’s share.

Pro Tip: When it comes to conversational marketing, do it now!

Who is the pirate to watch out for?

We got sideswiped this week by David’s choice of speakers.

David brings up Jeff Bezos as well as Microsoft. Remington and I were like… Ummm cool, we need to have a drink and dig deeper into that.

Hyper Growth

Remington couldn’t help himself and asks “David, a little birdie told me there’s an event coming up for conversational marketing: Mind sharing some details about this event called HyperGrowth?”

George also figured out a new speaker strategy to get more gigs.

Remember, Hit David up for a VIP access ticket to Hyper Growth.

Let’s Set Sail

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Until next time, make sure you are doing all you can do to leave the dock of mediocrity and set sail for success.