Ep. 22

WG022 Recap: Committing to a Content Strategy for Growth with Nick Nimmin

Let's Get Started

Nick NimminAs we get started with episode 22, Remington confesses, “I know it’s hard to believe, Nick Nimmin was not in my radar”.

I’m newer to the YouTube bandwagon. He then moves on to explain what he meant by that statement.

George opens up and shares that the first real time he “binge” watched educational content, outside of the HubSpot academy, it was Nick Nimmin YouTube content.

Remington loved how easy Nick said his tagline on empowering creators.

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This weeks episode brought to you by: The Impulse Creative Website or Marketing Audits!

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Charting the Course

map-oldWe then both chat about the “Overnight Successes” conversation and really lean in towards hard work and not knowing if you will fail or not.

We also chat about:

  • Consistency and focus and understanding the long game versus short.
  • Skipping out of entertainment for education and being dedicated.

We wax poetic on how the strategy of consistency works no matter what type of content you are creating!

George dives unto the conversation around the audience/customer driving the ship and how this was the first time in all the episodes they were chosen to be the captain.

Pro Tip: Audience trumps Algorithm!

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Bermuda Triangle

In the Bermuda Triangle section, we cover a ton of other topics such as:

  • Fear
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Burnout
  • And more …

This weeks captain Killing it was Erin Carpenter!

Erin CarpenterErin Carpenter with Franchise Rising / Hidden Peak: She’s jumping on the conversational marketing bandwagon and created some videos that are absolutely taking it off. One of her videos on LinkedIn got over 4500 views.



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