Ep. 24

WG024 Recap: Capturing, Tracking & Tackling Your Content Ideas with Mike Allton

Mike-AlltonThis week we recap the episode we had with Mike Allton from socialmediahat.com.

This recap was one of my personal favorites to date!

I knew it was going to be fun right from the start.

Remington started out the episode by stating:

It was it was a really good episode and I think that especially for some of our listeners and viewers who aren't as advanced in marketing it has some really good nuggets to roll with.

Our General Thoughts

WheelRemington said he really enjoyed when Mike talked about tackling your content ideas and how Mike literally tackled any objections to getting started with content marketing for your business.

We then chatted about how Mike's episode was a great piece of content to send out to somebody who has a brochure website, doesn't know where to get started or even isn’t sure how to get immediate success that they may need.

We then chat about our immediate shock of how amazing Mike’s audio was.

If you want to learn more about his setup, you can check out this article.

Remington and I talk about how we are loving the new format and how we really feel it sets up a better foundation and enables the growth story we are trying to provide for the listeners and viewers.

I then talk about a content idea that I have been playing around with in my head.

George’s Content Idea

PeriscopeI really can't wait till we hit Episode100 of the Wayfinding Growth show. Because, I already have an article idea that I want to create when we get there. It will be something along the of What Do Successful People Do? 100 episodes of the Wayfinding Growth Podcast.

People can listen to the show for just what the title says it's going to be or people can listen to the show for the micro magical pieces of information that the guests drop along the way.

Those breadcrumbs and the pattern they create from a data set of a hundred episodes is going to be very interesting to look at.

50 Pieces of Content

map-oldWe then dive into the subject of 50 pieces of content to see maximum results.

That was kind of an amazing moment when Mike talked about our friends at HubSpot and how they did this study and found out that the needle started to move when 50 pieces of content had been created.

I share my frustration with numbers and how I jack up my calculations on the original episode. I also share what I really meant to say!

One piece of content every day for 50 days! That is what I would do to get any content ball rolling if I was just getting started. That way, I could get the maximum boost out of the gate.

Remington grabbed his sales hat out as he talked about a couple things.

Remington talked about the habits in the mindset of creating content that Mike brought up, and he thought that that was super powerful.

As an example of the 50 pieces of content plan, Remington talked about the Drift tutorials he has been creating and how quickly they have built some notoriety for him in regards of being a thought leader around Drift and conversational marketing.

We also chatted about Sprocket Talk for a hot second and I got a little passionate about my strategy and thoughts around each episode I have created.

The Navigational Tools

In this section Remington and I riffed on Google Keep as well as Remington’s love for Evernote. I shared my new found love for working on multiple pieces of content at once.

Remington shared a pro tip about searching for ideas and ideating over time.

The Video Funnel

Remington chimed in about his excitement and wanting to talk to the listeners about their video funnel.

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The Imposter Baker

Remington shared a story about a guy he met a couple days ago.

Remington was speaking just a couple days ago, and he was talking to this guy, who has a startup bakery.

Remington was like, why don't you walk downtown and let people taste your tasty pastries, and your cakes?

His name was James, and James was like, gosh, I don't know.

Then Remington was like, is your food good?

James said yeah, it's the best.

So, Remington was like, I want you to walk downtown on the streets and pass them out.

I want you to promote it that way.

To which James was like, I don't know man.

And finally Remington was like, what you got right there, that's imposter syndrome.

You have to get over that!

We then finished off talking about how amazing the episode was and how we both felt like Mike Allton was an incredible human.

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