Ep. 25

WG025: Vincent Orleck on Channel Exclusivity

Leaving The Dock

VincentThis week on the Wayfinding Growth show, we interview Vincent Orleck on channel exclusivity for content...the benefits and approach. Vincent is the President of Social Media Club Phoenix and works as the Social Media Manager for Arizona State University Knowledge Enterprise Development Department.

As we kickoff the interview, we joke about how this is the first double mobile episode we have ever done on the Wayfinding Growth Show.

Vincent is the type of person who cares a lot about helping others to be successful.

He got his start in broadcasting but has worked several jobs, including Facebook, that have led him to where he is today.

One of the things Vincent said that caught Remington and George’s attention right of the bat was, “Keep trying until you are experienced enough to get where you want to go!”

He also chatted about his life philosophy: always learning and always growing.

Charting The Course

In the charting the course section of the show, we ask Vincent Orleck questions like:

  • Where are companies now when it comes to channel exclusivity?

  • Where do companies need to get if they are going to grow using channel exclusivity?

  • Who should be the captain of the ship as they set sail to achieve channel exclusivity?

map-oldVincent quickly jumps in and talks about all the noise happening on social channels. We also wax poetic on what some call “customization” from channel to channel.

He talks about the power of scheduled content that can only be viewed on a specific channel.

Then he shares how important a strategy on the supporting channels is to get them to the piece of pillar content.

Vincent then talks about conversations and engagement versus just the broadcasting mentality.

Navigational Tools

WheelFor this week’s navigational tools section, Vincent shares Facebook groups.

He uses Jon Loomer as an example and dives into how that tool can be used to deepen relationships and enhance communication with potential leads and customers.

Do you have a Facebook Group? Have you thought about starting one?


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The Bermuda Triangle

CompassThe Bermuda triangle was a scary place this week.

Vincent shared a major problem, lack of focus.

Because of lack of focus, companies think they need to be everywhere.

Because they are trying to be everywhere and all things to all people, they are being not much to many.

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Captain Killing It

steak-umm-uproxxThis week’s Captain Killing It took us a bit by surprise.

Vincent pulled out Steakums as this week’s Captain Killing It. He shared that their twitter account is a much needed follow.

He also gave Moon Pie an honorable mention as well.

Steak-umms Twitter

Have questions for Vincent?

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