HubSpot Conversations Integrates with Facebook Messenger

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New HubSpot Integration Helps Users Manage Messages

HubSpot Conversations now helps you better manage your Facebook Business Page Messenger strategy. There’s a free Facebook Messenger integration that allows you to create a Messenger bot welcome experience to delight your audience and you. Wouldn’t you love to manage all of your Messenger conversations from your Conversations inbox? Now you can!

Plus, Sales Hub and Service Hub Professional and Enterprise tiers can now automatically connect prospects and customers to the right people on your team (paid seats within Sales Hub and Service Hub only).

Why Does it Matter?

facebook-messengerEach month, 20 billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses on Facebook Messenger. People want to communicate with the tools of their choice, not yours. They have the power to choose. 

Plus, we know that buyers have changed over the years, as have their expectations. They now expect to have fluid 1:1 conversations with businesses through their favorite channels, at their pace, and on their terms.

Facebook Messenger is an enormous opportunity to connect directly with prospects and customers. 

Now, with Messenger in HubSpot Conversations and available on the mobile app, HubSpot users can meet buyers where they're at. 

With this integration, you can have more personal conversations, build stronger relationships, and remove friction from your customer's experience. Everyone across your organization—from Marketing to Sales to Service—can have full context of customer communications, helping you deliver a fluid end-to-end experience.

What All Can You Do with HubSpot Conversations + Facebook Messenger?


Create Chatbots for Your Facebook Business Page

With Messenger as its own channel in your HubSpot Conversations inbox, you can create a Messenger bot welcome experience on your Facebook Business page. This enables you to manage all of your Messenger conversations from your Conversations inbox.

Report on Chat Volume Through Messenger

With this integration, you can use your HubSpot reports dashboard for a ton of analysis. You can analyze how many conversations have taken place, how quickly your reps are responding, which rep is chatting the most, and which channel your visitors are using to get in touch with your team.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. 

Assign Messenger Chats to Sales or Support Reps and Create Tickets

Delegation is the key to sanity in a modern business. With HubSpot’s Messenger integration, you can delegate to your team seamlessly. Make internal comments, route chats (paid seats only), assign the chat to other sales or support reps, create tickets, and more. Now, everyone in your organization across Marketing, Sales, and Service can get valuable insight into customers.

How Does it Work?

To link your Facebook Messenger account to Conversations, navigate to Conversations, then choose Inbox

How to connect Facebook Messenger with HubSpot Conversations step 1

In the bottom left, click Inbox Settings, then select Messenger.

How to connect Facebook Messenger with HubSpot Conversations step 2

In Inbox Settings, click Connect Facebook Page in the upper right.

How to connect Facebook Messenger with HubSpot Conversations step 3

In the pop-up window, log in to your Facebook account. Please note: pop-ups must be enabled in your browser in order to log in to your Facebook account from the pop-up window. Click Connect next to the Facebook Page you want to connect.

Once you’ve completed the setup process, you can manage Facebook Messenger interactions within your Conversations inbox the same way you would with live chat or email:

Messages sent to your Facebook Business Page are visible within the inbox where you can assign the chat to other sales or support reps, create tickets, and more.

When you connect with a new lead for the first time, the integration will automatically create a new contact record within your HubSpot CRM. And, because the lead originates from Facebook, that new contact record will automatically populate with the lead’s name and profile picture from Facebook. That means less manual work for you and more context for you to build a meaningful relationship with your customers.

Need Help with HubSpot? 

Whether you already have HubSpot or you’re new to the platform, we have options to help you understand it. From beginner to advanced, from single users to teams, we’re helping people just like you grow better with HubSpot. 

Let’s grow better with integrated technology and better customer experience.

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